Food Information Law

Frequently Asked Questions about the Food Handler Card Certification

Hereunder you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions about our Food Handler Card certification. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is the certificate legal? Are you a real academy?
Yes to both questions. Our certificate is 100% legal and is issued in accordance with the applicable law. We are a legally constituted training academy with years of experience and thousands of students trained.

We are not a website that appears and disappears, making the certificate you paid for worthless.

Is the Certificate valid throughout Spain and the EU? Does it expire? 
Our Certificate is valid for both Spain and the rest of EU and has no expiration date. However, we recommend renewing it every 4 years.
Is it adapted to the Food Information Law (Allergens)?
Yes, our course is adapted to the Food Information Law (Allergens), EU Regulation 1169/2011, which has been compulsory since 13th December 2014.
Does it include information about Aclyramide?
Yes, our course includes information and best recommended practices when handling food in order to reduce the amount of acrymalide on our foods, as recommended by WHO and the EU.
Is the Certificate High Risk type? Which sectors does it cover?
Yes, our Food Handler Certificate is a high risk type and covers the following sectors: hostelry, preparation, manufacturing, transformation, processing, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, sales, supply and food service.
Is your Hood Handler Card course free?

Yes, you can take our course and exam for free (as many times as you want). Once you have passed the exam, if you want us to send you your 100% legal and accredited certificate, you can have it for 18€ only (VAT included).

We will send it to you instantly by email and, if you wish, also by regular post within a few days.

What happens if I lose my Certificate?

It’s all right. We do not charge for sending you a duplicate. Simply call or email us and we’ll email it back to you for free.

In addition, you can always access your Certificate for printing or downloading. Just use the email we sent you when you paid for the Certificate.

How will I receive my Certificate with your service?
You will receive our Certificate instantly in your email when you pay by credit card or Paypal account. And, if you wish, we can also send it to your home in full colour by post.

If you pay by bank transfer or deposit into an account, the Certificate will be sent to your email address as soon as we receive confirmation from the bank (about 24 hours)*.

* If you send us proof of payment by email or WhatsApp, we will send you the Certificate immediately.

How is the payment made?
Payment can be made instantly by credit card or Paypal. You can also pay by bank transfer or deposit from any bank account.

Our bank account is ES09 2038 2946 1060 0015 9002. Our bank entity is Bankia.

Is the payment secure?
Yes, the payment is 100% secure. The whole process of payment is done through a secure connection (SSL) encrypted, both on our servers and Stripe / Paypal.

Our servers use SSL (green padlock) technology to reinforce payment security. Moreover, Paypal is the most secure and widespread form of online payment today.

More information about Paypal:

Do I need a PayPal account to pay by credit card?
You don’t need it. When you reach the payment page, just choose Pay by Credit Card or, if you choose Papal, just click on the link that says ‘Don’t you have a Paypal account?’ and follow the simple steps.

What is your bank account?
Our bank account is ES09 2038 2946 1060 0015 9002. The bank is Bankia. You can make a transfer or deposit to our account from any bank.
I have my old food handler’s card. Do I have to renew it?
Yes, after the expiration date (4 years) of the old card (now Food Handler Certificate), it is recommendable to renew it as it may be considered invalid.

In addition, it is very likely that your previous card does not include the compulsory training on Allergens (Food Information Law – EU 1169/2011) which came into effect in December 2014.

How do group discounts work?
For more information about our discounts, contact us directly and we will explain the rates and how they work. It’s very simple.

There are other websites that offer the course, why should I do it with you?

Because we are a legally constituted training academy.

Because we are backed by the satisfaction of thousands of customers and institutions.

Because our system is the fastest and easiest on the Internet.

Because you get your card certification instantly. No waiting times.

Because our payment method is 100% secure.

Because our course has been produced by highly qualified professionals.

Because we are registered with the Data Protection Agency.

Because we do not sell your personal data to third parties.

Because we have a prompt and responsive customer support from Monday to Friday.