Food Information Law

Food Handler Test

We invite you to take our test that allows you to obtain your Food Handler Card Certification. Once you pass the test, you can request your own 100% legal Certificate.

Question 1: Food handlers should wear their hair up with a hat or hairnet because:
Question 2: What does the Food Information Law (Allergens) say?:
Question 3: Is some food more risky than other?:
Question 4: A Foodborne disease is caused by:
Question 5: If we maintain proper food hygiene we will obtain:
Question 6: Wooden boards and utensils are prohibited because:
Question 7: Microorganisms are:
Question 8: Which of the following statements regarding the training of food handlers is correct?
Question 9: If the cool chain is broken:
Question 10: The ability to know where food comes from is called:

About the Food Handler certification test

Please find below information about our online food handler test.

Take the Food Handler online test

Our test for the food handler’s card is completely legal, approved and valid for both Spain and the rest of EU. Our course has been produced according to the regulations at national (RD 109 / 2010) and European (CE 852 / 2004) level.

Get your certificate now

Exactly. With our training system you can have your food handler card instantly. Once you have passed the exam, you can request your certificate and receive it instantly in your email in PDF format and ready to print. In addition, this certificate has its own unique identifier code, which allows to verify at all times that the student has received the appropriate training.

Questions and answers about the Food Handler test

Our online test is automatically corrected instantly and provides feedback on the questions you have failed, as well as the right answer for each question with a brief explanation, so that each error becomes an opportunity to learn the right answer and why.

Obviously, we cannot offer the exam already solved, but we do try, as far as possible, to ensure that each attempt to take the exam is used to learn and reinforce those points that are not clear to the student. Hence we offer the individual explanation of each wrong question and its correct answer with a brief explanation.

Is the test updated for the year 2019?

Of course. Our food handler certification test has been progressively updated for the years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.